Boris The Blade – The Human Hive Lyrics

Bearing the servant’s crown
Wasting the flesh of man with every heaving motion
Consuming filth and disease
Our blood is ridden with parasites beneath our skin
Merchants of extinction
Hatred seething through our veins
Spawned with the darkest intentions
We spill the blood of man
Feeding this machine
As the parasites thrive within the blood of all humanity
Feeding upon the cells of man
Gorging themselves on our blood
Inside this human hive
They have embedded themselves inside our nervous system
We are a host to an evil creation
They riddle our bodies with hatred
Turning us on each other
Convulsions begin as they consume our internal design
Forging their creation inside our mind
Implanted in false memories
We are the generation of the damned
We are the hate creation
We are the generation of the damned
Feeding this hate machine
We will crush the skulls of every man, woman & child
Furthering our extinction

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