Boris The Blade – Omens Lyrics

Ravenous, these eyes still burn
Spitting at the stars
We were doomed from the f**king start
Every second I’m alive is torture (Save me, banish me)
Every day my heart beats colder (Save me, banish me)
Is this all that is left?
There’s nothing f**king left
Exiled – isolated to the point of no return
I’m so sick of this shit, there’s only so much I can take
What the f**k?
Down me in my own blood
So as the seasons change and the hypocrites remain while I’m still falling
I cast my judgement down
Now who’s on the ground and I’m still f**king walking
So shut your filthy mouth and listen to me now ‘cause I’m still f**king talking
This is my f**king town
613 – dead and rotting
My eyes burn
Swallowed by shadows, enemy of the sun
Defiled in darkness, I and the night are one

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