Boris The Blade – Eternal Ruin Lyrics

Feed him fear
Feed him eternal hatred
The skies will burn as they pillage the earth of life
Tearing at the throat of existence
They bleed us dry
A million tusks and a million eyes emerge from the shadows
Their jaws unhinge as they froth at the mouth with hunger
Our hearts pounding with fear as the trumpets sound their ascension
Birthing a plague of devastation
A plan for bloodshed devised beneath our very soil
The serpents shed their rotting skin and swarm the cracks of the earth
In his presence they cower as he arises from his throne
His gruesome slaughter unleashed upon the world
Watch as the vultures circle
Watch as the maggots feast upon this human wasteland
The devour the flesh and blood of man with teeth of annihilation
The earth turns to ruin
Nothing is spared

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