Blakfish – Scotland’s Worst Invention Lyrics

I hate TV
Watch a film instead
Hundreds of channels
Still nothing on
Except for What Not To Wear
And now on, on Sky One
The Simpsons
I’ve seen this one

Previously on Lost
We’re going to watch fifteen minutes that you’ve already watched
And ’cause every episode’s exactly the same
We’re going to leave you on a cliffhanger again

Nothing on

I’m channel hopping but it seems to me there’s nothing that I want to watch
I feel like stopping but it’s easier to just sit and drop off

BBC, I see
MTV, I see
ABC, I see
ITV, I see

What’s with all these f**king soaps?
I want Ray Mears not Hollyoaks
You might think that I’m being blunt
But who seriously watches Bargain Hunt?
I don’t take note of what they say
‘Cause I look good naked anyway

I know, I know, I want it
I know I want it

Daytime TV makes me sick
And I’m sick of it
Go outside, ride a bike
Just do something

Stand by

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