Blakfish – Ringo Starr – 2nd Best Drummer In The Beatles Lyrics

It could be worse
We could be dead
But you’ll keep on buying it when
Every verse
It’s all the same
And you’ve misunderstood almost
Every word
That’s ever said
But it could be worse you could be dead

Get a clue
I don’t like disco
Why, do you?
Or new rave techno
Get a clue
I don’t like disco
Why don’t you
Get a clue

This scene is dead
Why would you come to shows?
When this whole town
Is filled with pubs and clubs and discos

I don’t know what came first
The shit music or the shit drugs
But I do know that all the kids that used to go to shows
Now go to clubs

And I don’t like dance music and I don’t think that I ever will

Always I will

Get a clue
You’ve deserted me
Get a clue
Get a clue

You take the top ten as Gospel
Shame all the songs are f**king awful
Just buy CDs and .mp3s from HMV
You’re bleeding money
The press campaign will rot your brain
It’s the same shade of grey

And who the f**k is Simon Cowell to tell people
That they can’t sing?
I’ve never heard him sing a note in my life

This is why
My friends lend me CDs
And I don’t buy
I trust their
Judgement over what’s on air

Never again
This is such a joke sell the charts out
Indie bands take note eat your hearts out

It could be worse
We could be dead
I don’t know how we survived
But all I know is we did

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