Blakfish – Make Your Bed And Lie In It Lyrics

I didn’t have to but i wanted to go
Self discipline’s a simple thing so im told
But I have got a problem
I think that I don’t want one
In my head but never said
I’d love to f**king rob one

God f**king knows what trouble I’m in
Let myself down before I even begin

My brain hates my body and my body hates my brain
Body hates my mind and my mind feels the same

In this fine year of our lord
Where’s my faith
Well I’m losing everything
And I don’t give a shit for f**k’s sake
I cannot see a better opportunity
For you to leave
And if it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t be so lonely

I don’t say it
No I don’t say it
Im the first in my mind
Every f**king time
The selfish man i know i am
And it fills me up with rage

There’s a war in my head
Where the f**k will it end?

Where’s my lord now?
Where’s my lord now?

Where is sanctuary?
Where is peace?
Where’s my freedom
And where’s my release?
Where’s forgiveness
And where the f**k is love?
Where’s my happiness?
Is it in God?

Is it in God?
Is it?
Is it in God?
No, no, no

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