Bionicpig – A Day At The Park Lyrics (feat. Leon Lush)

[Intro: Skit between Aaron, his son, Johnny, and Leon]
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[Verse 1: Leon]
I said
“Listen son, if you ever try and pull out your little prick
And show another man again
I’ll dress you up like a retail mannequin
Lipstick, high heels, miniskirt, full drag
Then I will drop you off at the front of your school
Dressed like a bitch, cryin’ a fool
The kids will all laugh as you exit the car
Embarrased and shook with emotional scars.”

[Verse 2: Aaron]
Man, that’s pretty bad
But I always tend to try and make my son sad
By saying me and his mother are getting a divorce
And making sure that he thinks that he is the source
Fighting over nothing and blaming him for everything
Sure, it might scar him a bit
But I don’t really give a shit
Maybe next time he won’t lie about all the little titsy dicks

[Interlude: Aaron and Leon]
The kids just don’t listen to anything we say these days
I know, that’s why there’s nothing wrong with a small punishment
That’s the only thing that can teach them

[Verse 3: Leon]
You’re damn right!
I try to teach my son how to be a real man
Ha, psych!
The little faggot doesn’t stand a chance
So I punch him in the gut until he shit his pants. (*Fart sound*)
Then I laughed in his face till his eyes filled with tears
And recorded a snapchat for all of his peers
With him crying and writhing all over the floor
With the shit in his pants as he crawled for the door
Then I dragged his ass out the front of the house
Told him that I’m sorry then I kissed him on the mouth
Then I told him that I’m kidding and I’ll always be a bitch
And he’ll never touch a girl and know what true love really is
And the second that his feeble mind combusted when he cried
I will be right there to make sure that he’s always dead inside
And I’ll let him know that he’s a failure when he thinks he’s won
And I’ll tell him that my one regret is calling him my son

[Verse 4: Aaron]
I tell you one thing, I know the feeling
There’s simply nothing wrong with a little beating
I gave my son multiple times but this time was the worst
So I made him go outside and think it was worse
I grabbed both of his pets and I told him to choose
And he looked at me, I could tell he was confused
I said “Son, now listen here
I don’t wanna be raising no faggot queers
Now, choose the one that you want to go
And if you don’t choose I will shoot them both.”
So then he cried and he cried and he knew he was wrong
So I left both his pets sleeping out for that long
‘Cause if he ever does like that again
I will make sure that bullet goes straight through your heads

[Outro: Skit between Aaron, a cop, {a person at the park}, Johnny, and Leon]
Click the annotation to see the entire skit transcribed

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