Bell Witch – Beneath The Mask Lyrics

Red Death: Prospero. You command me to wait? Very well. I wait.
Prospero: Condotti? Rimini? Who are you beneath your mask?
Red Death: Is my costume such a disguise that you don’t recognize me?
Prospero: Your voice is familiar. Dr. Bernelli, that’s who you are. Bernelli, you dog, thinking to… You are not Bernelli.
Red Death: No. The doctor dances in the white room. But I passed close by him. Truly, Prospero, you don’t know me?
Prospero: So you’ve come.
Red Death: Yes, Prospero.
Prospero: [To Francesca] On your knees.
Francesca: Prospero!
Prospero: [To Francesca] On your knees. [To Red Death] The Prince of Darkness. I would like to see your face.
Red Death: There is no face of death until the moment of your own death. And I am only one of many messengers.
Prospero: Who do you come for?
Red Death: Many.
Prospero: All?
Red Death: Not all.
Prospero: I knew I was right. I knew it. I’ve won.
Red Death: The time of unmasking. They begin to show their naked faces.

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