August Kamp – Into Anything Lyrics

[Verse 1]
My mother and my father told me
Everything that happened
Far away
Was gonna be OK
To their credit
I respect it
And it's probably like the only way
To keep me that way

[Verse 2]
Well I hate to keep it down
But if I say it out too loud
All the people cut my head [?]
Be like I'm screamin'
Like I'm dreamin'
But if I'm only making sense
In the present tense
It's a totem it's a giveaway
I'll synth it up

[Verse 3]
I'll run the numbers in my head
And then I'll educate a guess
It to you [?]
If I do
Then you at least can tell me where I'm wrong
[Verse 4]

I'm sad
I got my nose in my neck
Everyone's gonna respect me
All I gotta do is respect
All I gotta do is respect
Go back
I got my shoes on the set
I got my fridge and I'm set
All I gotta do is respect
Finally someone upset me

[Verse 5]
I'll try out with all my soul
I don't wanna let it
I just thought I'd let you know
Just wanna let you know
Hearts change their tone
And I don't wanna let you down
I try out with all my soul
With all my soul
Over and over
I don't wanna let it go
Don't wanna let it go
Can't let me off if I'm letting you down

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