America faces a difficult choice

What are the political preferences of American voters

On Tuesday, August 23 at 13.00, there will be an exclusive live broadcast with Valery Garbuzov, director of the Institute for the US and Canadian Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, dedicated to the political situation in America, which this Mid-term elections to the Congress are expected in autumn.

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Just a little while before the US midterm elections on which the fate of the 2024 presidential campaign can be decided in many respects. Will the Democrats manage to maintain a majority in Congress – or will the Republicans snatch the palm from their hands?

What is happening in the political world of the United States will be discussed during an exclusive live broadcast from the MK press center in Tuesday, August 23.

What are the political leanings of American voters today? And can the alignment change in the months remaining before the elections? Which constituency groups will determine the future composition of Congress? And isn’t a split America threatened by a new surge of passions, like the storming of the Capitol that took place in January 2021?

The guest of the MK press center, director of the Institute for the USA and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences, will answer these and other questions live Valery Garbuzov.

Watch the live broadcast in our VKontakte group.


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